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Steven Wilson - Grace For Drowning

2011 Grammy nomination for best Surround Mastering Engineer

The Audio Archiving Company Ltd (A.A.C), was established in 1997 by owner and manager Paschal Byrne. This came about as a direct result of the closure of “The Decca Recording Centre”, where he had been working.

Paschal has worked in the recording industry for many years and his experience is wide ranging, from his early years as a cutting engineer, assistant maintenance / recording engineer, analogue to digital archiving engineer, to a more recent history of specializing in audio post production, primarily, re-mastering and re-mixing, both in stereo and 5.1 surround.

The company’s main aim has always been to offer an efficient and cost effective service to those record labels who value their archives / catalogue, and may wish to exploit them through second exploitation in both the physical and digital domains.

One of the company’s high lights came in 2011, when Paschal was nominated for a Grammy for his surround sound mastering work on Steven Wilson’s album “Grace for Drowning”.

The Audio Archiving Company - 2021